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FAQ & Policy

Our Cakes and Desserts

  • Does GoCakes offer any vegan options?

    • Sorry, we don’t have any vegan options at this moment.

  • Does GoCakes have any gluten-free option?

    • Yes, our Custard Cheesecake is our gluten-free option. 

  • How long will my cakes and desserts last?

    • Because we make our cakes and desserts without preservatives, we suggest enjoying your cakes and desserts the day they are purchased or the following day (stored overnight in the refrigerator). Feel free to call us at 626-234-2067 for recommendations.

  • When I buy a whole cake, will GoCakes provide us a cake knife?

    • GoCakes doesn't provide cake knife for whole cake orders. ​

  • When I buy a whole cake, will GoCakes provide us candles?

    • GoCakes offers one complementary candle per whole cake or pie.​


Custom Cakes and Desserts

  • Does GoCakes make custom cakes?

    • For now, we no longer accept orders for character themed custom cakes with fondant sculpted decorations. However, we do offer buttercream cakes with customized color and cream piping styles with desired textures. For more details, feel free to contact us

  • Does GoCakes make customized cupcakes?

    • We can only customize the colors and textures for the cupcake frosting. Sprinkles can be an add-on to the customization (additional cost may apply). 

  • Does GoCakes make customized cookies?

    • We can order a customized stencil to be used on the cookies. Custom stencil is starting at $30 each. 



  • How do I place an order for future pick up?

  • Can I cancel or make changes to my pre-order?

    • Yes, please call us at 626-234-2067 during our business hours at least 24 hours prior to the desired pick up date. We should be able to assist you with the cancellation or order change on your pre-order.


Same-day Orders

  • I need a cake for today. How can I place a same-day order while the website no longer allows me to place an order online?

    • Please call us at 626-234-2067 and check with our Team on what we have available in the shop. Some cakes can be prepared for you in 2-3 hours depending on the ingredients and manpower availability. 

  • Can GoCakes put cakes or desserts on hold for future pick up?

    • Sorry, we don’t put any cakes or desserts on hold. However, you are welcome to place an online or phone order to ensure the cakes or desserts are reserved for your pickup. 

  • Can I cancel my same-day order?

    • Our kitchen team handles most of our same-day orders as soon as the order is being placed. If the cake has been made, we would not be able to cancel and refund the order for you. Your understanding is much appreciated. 


Wedding and Event Orders

  • Who do I contact if I want to order cakes and desserts for my upcoming wedding or event?

    • You can simply click here to submit a request form. Our team will respond to your request within the next 48 hours. 

  • How can I secure my Wedding and Event Order with GoCakes?

    • In order for you to secure our service for your event date, a 50% deposit is required at least 30 days prior to the event date. Your order will not be guaranteed without the 50% deposit. 

  • When will the final payment be due?

    • Final payment must be collected at least 14 days before the order is due for pickup or delivery. 

  • Can I make changes to my Wedding and Event Order?

    • For Event Orders, you may cancel or make changes at least 7 days prior to the event date. 

    • For Wedding Orders, you may cancel or make changes at least 15 days prior to the event date. 

    • If your Wedding and Event Order is less than 7 days away from the pickup or delivery date, we unfortunately can’t cancel your order due to the short notice.

  • My event is less than 1 week away. Can I still place an Event Order?

    • Feel free to contact us to check our availability. We usually require at least 3-4 weeks of proper plannings and preparation for any Wedding and Event Orders. Although we might not be able to accommodate a lot of customizations for the requested cakes and desserts, we would try our best to come up with alternative options based on our availability. 


  • Does GoCakes make order delivery?​

    • We only offer delivery service to Wedding and Event orders. There will be a $75 delivery fee for the first 20 miles. $2 per mile for any additional miles.


Refund Policy

For regular pre-orders, we can issue a full refund if GoCakes is being notified at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled pickup time. 

For Event Orders, GoCakes need to be notified at least 7 days prior to the event date in order for us to issue a refund.

For Wedding Orders, cancellation notice must be communicated with GoCakes at least 15 days prior to the date of the wedding. Partial deposit or prepayment might not be refundable depending on how much preparation work has been completed upon receipt of the cancellation notice. 


Return Policy

Due to the nature of our business, GoCakes does not accept returns, offer exchanges, and/or grant refunds on any food item sold unless the received order has an error that is caused by GoCakes. Should your order be incomplete or damaged, send us an email at within 24 hours after the purchase with a picture attached and we will provide solutions accordingly. 

Additional Supports

Our Team would love to further assist you if you can’t find the needed information on this page. Please feel free to send us an email at

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